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Hear what some of our athletes have to say about their training experience with Power Performance Lab


Colin Burgess

Detroit Tigers MiLB Catcher

"I can tell a huge difference in my strength and power output since starting training at PPL. At my most recent catcher's camp with the Tigers, I weighed the same bodyweight but had dropped 4% bodyfat. I was also hitting balls on average around 5mph harder during on field BP. I can't thank the staff enough for the progress they helped me make this offseason."

Ben Purnell

St. Xavier High School RHP/INF, Gulf Coast State Commit

"I tore my patella tendon in my knee at the end of the summer and Zac has been a huge part of my recovery. Zac has programmed individualized lifts for me since I was cleared to lift upper body. He has been excellent at communicating with me about what I can and can’t do, and he has taken the time to explain his thought process behind each phase in my training. I have seen my lower body strength return and even improve, and I have seen my upper body strength skyrocket. Zac knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Purnell Commit Pic.jpeg

Cade Schneider

Wabash Valley Community College RHP

"I have been training with Power Performance Lab since it opened; when Zac was just an assistant coach and Matt was an athlete training with us. In that time, PPL has no doubt become the best strength and power training in Kentucky, and I bet there aren't many facilities better in the the country. Zac has taught me how the weight room can improve my general health so I am available to pitch more; but also how it can improve my performance in those games I can throw. If you can handle being told the truth, then PPL can teach you how to train, how to eat, how to stay consistent through adversity, and everything else you need to maximize your potential. Get in while you still can, you wont regret it."

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