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Kentucky's Premier Sports Performance Training Facility


What We Do

Zenith Strength and Conditioning is the leader in wholistic player development for athletes in the central Kentucky area. Zenith provides balanced sports performance training and an unbeatable level of service to athletes from youth to the professional ranks. At Zenith, we take pride in using a test-retest, experiment based training model driven by quality data collection to give each athlete the information they need to reach whatever level they desire within their sport.


Our Training Process

1. Assess

We put new athletes through our onboarding tests to establish a baseline for later comparison and to get to know an athletes abilities relative to teir peers; all while trying to get to know them as a person

2. Plan

We use the assessment to plan the next 4-10 weeks of training at a time, dependent upon the individual athlete and the time of year

3. Execute

We use our app to deliver an athlete's program and monitor their compliance to that plan

4. Re-Assess

We again use our app to assess performance during the last training phase and plan the next one

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