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Our Services

In-Person Performance Training

Come see the atmosphere at PPL in person

In-person coaching offers the staff the chance to pay the most attention to every detail about how an athlete moves. 1 hour sessions with strength and/or power focused general training

Remote Performance Training

Quality coaching from anywhere

Remote coaching is not for those that need external sources of motivation. Rather it is for the driven athlete who may be in a situation that prevents them from making it to Lexington. This training option demands clear communication between athelte and coach but in turn provides freedom for the athlete to train under guidance at times that can fit their work/school/life schedule

Nutrition Consulting

Control everything you can

No athlete will be able to truly maximize their career without eventually paying some attention to the foods they eat. Nutrition consulting is an analytic service where the PPL staff teaches athletes how to accurately track their data, then teach them what the data is saying about their eating habits and how those habits will  likely effect that athlete's performance

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