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Frequently Asked Questions 

If I lift on my own, why do I need Zenith?

We encourage athletes to get extra work in on their own and educate them how best to do so without getting overworked. But, we can guarantee that you can better optimize your training with our help than on your own. Even our most intelligent professional athletes are not able to keep track of the performance data that we are watching together. It is very hard to learn what the staff at Zenith has learned over the years without training hundreds or even thousands of athletes a year.

Does Zenith train athletes from all sports? 

Because of our business partners at Pitching Performance Lab, we do have a large amont of pitchers we provide strength training for. However, we also have the experience and expertise to help football players gain speed, position players increase exit velo, and make every athlete a stronger, more powerful and better mover.

Can I train with Zenith and my school at the same time?

We warn athletes that most of the schools in the state of Kentucky and surrounding states do not have qualified strength and conditioning professionals on staff. It is our responsibility as qualified coaches to point this out for the safety of athletes. However, if an athlete is not being exposed to what we at Zenith deem inappropriate training, we would be happy to work around your school lifting schedule if we do not feel it is too much work for the athlete to handle.

What does my onboarding fee cover?

Athlete onboarding fees pay the startup fees for subscriptions to key training software used in the facility and remotely. 

What is Nutrition Consulting?

We understand that the earlier an athlete gets the basics of proper nutrition dialed in, the better chance that athlete has to maximize their potential. That is why we offer nutrition consulting, where Zenith staff monitors athlete nutrition data through our app and reports back to the athlete with both needed changes and how to best make those changes happen.

How long do I need to train?

The best athletes in the world continue strength trianing even after their playing careers, as quality strength training helps you perform better on the field as well as remain a healthy human. It takes time to see results, so we encourage athletes to be with us twice per week for at least 4 months to see quality results that have potential to last.

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